Thursday, June 28, 2007

Nana Sandy and baby Asher

To be fair, Sandy was here first. Her pictures were on a camera we took to the hospital and just unpacked. Sandy was a huge help the first week in helping us get used to Asher and making sure the nurses did their jobs. She took most of our late night shifts and most importantly took care of the dogs. She fed them healthier food than my dad did. Instead of pizza, she fed them free range chicken. She has verified that our house is protected from radiation, aliens, and Swifters. We are hoping when Chris returns from South Africa he will be able to come down and teach the boy a thing or two about landscaping, since I have killed most out our vegitation.

Monday, June 25, 2007

The Grandparents

My parents were here for the last three days and we are really sorry to see them leave. My Mom is a pro with Asher and made it real easy for Carter and I to go places. My Dad occupied the dogs, determined that they should have other food than dog food, he supplied pizza, sandwiches, fries, chips, and anything he could sneak the dogs. They will miss him greatly.
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Buckley the Lizard Hunter

When we first moved in, Buckley saw a lizard on the side of our wall. He has been so detrermined to get it, that everyday for the last four months, he waits under our rose tree for the lizard to show his face. Today he was sitting there for about two hours.
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Monday, June 18, 2007

We're getting sloppy

Usually we can catch Sophie before she gets into anything. Since Asher came out, it's been Viva' la revolution for Sophie. To do a good job, you need two people watching her at all times, now we're down to one, so she knows where we are at all times. Here she is finishing off some cereal. You can see in the back that Minnie could care less.

First Doctors Visit

Everything went great for his first doctor's visit. He was born one week ago at 8 lbs 10 oz and is weighing in at 8 lbs 13 1/2 ozs. The doctor was really proud of his eating. We're still in the honeymoon phase, since he sleeps about 22 hours out of the day. He only wakes up if he's hungry or has a dirty diaper. He sleeps pretty solid for four hour blocks and we've been waking him up to feed him if he goes past that. I think next week, we'll see how long he can go. He definitely puts out the waste. we gave up tracking pees after about 10 a day and he'll give you a solid 4-5 diapers full of poop. We couldn't be happier with the way he is acting. Carter is doing a great job as a mom and we're blessed to have a Kenmore Elite HE3t for laundry since it can hold twenty two full sized towels with each load, it makes laundry a bit more manageable. Here is a rare moment you will see the little man awake and not pooping or eating. (yes that is a pee mat he is on. He has the ability to pee out of the back of his diapers, so we have to always be ready.)

Asher Zoolander?

My sister just made a good point and I hate myself for missing it. As a baby he is in stage one of three. This is the "Ferrari" stage. By the age of five I'm hoping "La Tigre" will be evident. I can't even imgine when or if he will ever reach "Blue Steel".

Thursday, June 14, 2007

First night home

The Little guy has survived the first wave of puppy attacks intact. Carter and her mom did a wonderful job keeping the dogs at bay and the baby safe. Of course when I got home I wanted to see if the dogs had any intrest in him and nearly sent the Carter and Sandy off the handle when Buckley tried to use Asher as a licking block. I thought it was cute. Them, not so much so.
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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The milkman's baby?

You have to wonder sometimes, but his feet says he's all mine. I don't know of anyone else who looks like they were born with a vulture space between the first and second toe. He's breaking out a bit today and is looking to break out of his swaddling. He has healthy lungs and can scream at a supersonic level. I guess the italian genes won out against the scandinavian and I'll just have to be okay with that. I was stoked for about 5 minutes when I saw he had blue eyes, then the pediatrician explained to me that all baby's were born with blue eyes, some pigment deal. He'll probably have brown eyes and I guess I can accept that.

Monday, June 11, 2007

a more cleaned up child

Asher all Cleaned Up.
Sandy With Asher.

Chaos Cometh!!!!

Okay, we settled on Asher.
8lbs 10 oz
21 1/2 inches
he's all head
Asher Mead Ellingson
(the doctor's assured me his head would round out.)
Carter had to have a C-section and is in recovery. She's tough, but this took a lot out of her.
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It's going a little slower than it should

The Dr. is not excited about the progress of the baby. The baby is shutting down with the petrocin being put in, so the Dr. had to stop the petrocin and refill some of the fluid for extra cusion. If things do not go the way it should in the next few hours, they will have to consider a C-section. We're hoping he (the baby) gets a little more aggressive.

can't feel a thing

epidural is in and now we wait. Carter says she can't feel a thing, so now she's getting bored.

Broke the water

it seems like things are moving quickly, but the doctor assured us it would still be a while. They broke her water, and have her on oxygen for the the baby's heartbeat, he's still just kinda laying around. The epidural is next, so we'll have to wait to see what the boy wants to do.

quick numbers for Heather

shes about 3cm 90% efaced. Thanks for looking after the puppies Heather.

Doctor is in

The doctor just came in to remove the folley balloon, and is looking to break the water to help regulate the contractions. Dr. Adele means buisness. SHe's watching Walker, TExas Ranger for inspiration. Chuck Norris can help anyone through the pain.

I feel like I'm sliding down a bowl

Those were Carters words as she slipped into a pain killer euphoria. That lasted for about 15 minutes. The doctor should be in by noon to look at breaking that water. They just flipped Carter back over and informed her she couldn't drink any water. "You don't want to be vommiting and giving birth at the same time do you?" That pretty much convinced her she wasn't thirsty.

The baby is sunnyside up

Well the nurse came in and said the delivery is going to be a long one, because the baby is sunny-side up. I guess he's facing the wrong way. Giving her back pain. Carter just heard it was going to be a long labor and I think she shut everything else out. They just flipped her and are opening up the petrocin. We're just waiting for the doctor to come back in.

We're in the hospital

we got here at 7:00 a.m. I went and grabbed some biscuits and gravy in the cafeteria. If you're ever at Saddleback women's hospital on a monday, the biscuits and gravy are the special and they were sooo good. It's tough to find good biscuits and gravy. Wel the have the Petrocin (sp) drip in and said the party should get started in the next few hours. Everything is going well, the doctors said Carter looks good and the baby is in the right spot and healthy.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Asher's room

As requested these are a couple of pictures of Asher's room. You'll notice Carter would not allow a dog bed to be put in there. I believe this sends the wrong message to our puppies.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Will Ferrell continues to impress

Pearl The Landlord

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I know this is lambasted on the news, but c'mon...

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

There needs to be "Cowbell Hero"

My new dream video game would be "Cowbell Hero".
"I've got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell." -Bruce Dickinson

Monday, June 4, 2007

Going with Asher

After a good many discussions, I had to drop the desire to name our son Chaos and we have settled with Asher (it's biblical). He should be here Monday June 11th. (they're inducing, that's why I can say he'll be here Monday). The doctor said the boy loves the room service sooo much he just doesn't want to come out. Now that's an Ellingson if ever there was one. As per requests, we'll post some pictures of the room real soon. Thanks to everyone for the gifts, the puppies loved them.