Wednesday, May 16, 2007

This is my favorite You Tube moment

I remember in 6th grade, my friend Ryan opened a pack of 86 Donruss baseball cards and found a Jose Canseco Rookie card. He nearly had this same reaction.

The Great Name Debate

Well we are about a month away and still have not settled on a name for the baby. Any help would be appreciated:
The Last name and Middle name have been established.
Last Name: Ellingson
Middle Name: Mead (Family name on Carter's side)

We just need a first name.

Carter's list:

Jake's list:

We'll take write ins or emails as well.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Guitar Hero II is awwwwesome!!!

Even if you don't like video games, this game may sway you. Most everyone dreams of being a rock star... this is about as close as you'll get. Of course this gives you a false sense of pride, since after you complete some songs, you actally think you can play the guitar. Trust me, if you couldn't play a guitar before, even after this, you still won't be able to. You couldn't believe how much fun this is and it's not near as embarassing as dance dance revolution, so you don't need to be a closet gamer. Great Set List, Great Graphics, Super Fun Play- Everyone needs this game.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

This is Sophie

Sophie was meant to be a cuddle mate for Minnie. She pretty much uses Minnie, as well as everyone else as her personal doormat. She is 13 lbs of holy terror.

This is Minnie

This is our little neurotic girl. She doesn't really like to leave the couch and avoids people as much as she can. My dad said it best; "She does as good as she can with what God gave her". I can't argue with him about that.

This is Buckley

After I married Carter she continually tried to convince me we needed a dog. I told her I would drop kick the dog into on coming traffic if she bought one. Needless to say the moment I picked him up he became the greatest love of my life. Don't worry, Carter already knows.

This is Carter

This is the girl I met on tour and knew for seven weeks before talking her into eloping to Las Vegas. Her name is Carter Smith. She worked for an internet startup company that was sponsering the Blink 182 tour. This picture is from February 2001. We had a post eloping party so the families could meet each other. Unfortunately, we're not quite as cute anymore.