Tuesday, October 23, 2007

He Really is My Boy!

Well, Carter thought we'd go as a family to pick out a pumpkin. Those who know me know I don't give two rips about holidays or traditions. I mean today is a Tuesday, just like last week and just like next week. Carter assured me, that with Asher I'd need to learn the value of family time and traditions. So we went to the pumpkin patch and Asher was over it. Below are some pics from a less than excited boy picking out his first pumpkins. Of course once we got back in the car and headed for home, he was a happy clam. He feels my pain.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Flock of Beagles

This is how I imagined my son. Loud, and with great hair. Carter has left me in charge of bathtime and I always will take the hair dryer to him. Needless to say, his hair has never had a problem standing up, although Carter revealed to me that this morning, He woke up with flat hair. I gues you have to enjoy great hair while you're young.

Upright is Alright

Asher's brining video games to life. He believes that his Jumper is a battle station and his army consists of the animals that accompany the apparatius. He usually takes aim for Sophie. Here, he is yelling orders to Lt. Parrot von Featherbottom "Battle Stations!!! Sophie spotted to the aft!"
As Parrot questions Asher's leadership abilities concern grows thick on board.

Now that he has become more efficient in attacks, he looks to Cpt. Blue Frog Mc Grog to help with Buckley.

Smooth sailing for the rest of the day. Victory is at hand.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Growing out of the swing

With Asher getting tired of the swing, Carter bought him a new jungle gym. He's starting to get adjusted to pulling things down, rather than just watching them float over his head. He's pretty flexible with his playing options.

Bath time to Bed time

We have now moved to nightly bathings. The decision was made due to the fact that Asher now loves to hold everything he can find and then proceed to put both hands in his mouth. Carter sees this as a problem, I see it as him building up his immunity for disease. After the bath he pretty much knocks out until his 10:30 feeding, here is the post bathtime rundown.

First ge's happy, because he loves the bath is still on a water high.

Next, he realizes he's in his crib naked and is a little confused why there is no water.

Third; I believe all of his pondering about why there is no water, makes him tired and he let's us know that eye coverage will be needed.

Last, it's sleepy time. He will stay just like this for the next two hours.